MB/SD Bay - Weekend Report

It may not seem like it, as the amount of posts I write up does not reflect all the times I've gone out. But I've been fishing a good amount. I'm just too lazy to write reports. Or perhaps, too busy fishing! Mostly the bays, in my new kayak, but I've hit the surf a few times as well. I've stalked the beans out in S. Mission Beach two weekends ago, taking me down 50 yards and back "crouch-walking" following a couple beans spotted in the skinny, all for a lot of weird looks that day. 

I think its the crowds that really pull me towards NOT fishing the surf during summer. Just way too many people either standing/swimming/splashing/playing right in some nice holes. It's not like the bays are any better, too. Considering all the jet skiers/weekend-warrior-boaters constantly pushing wakes everywhere in quote-unquote "Non-wake Areas".  Oh well, I digress...

So I took a break from fishing all week last week. Taking a break gives me some time to really think about new tactics or new things I want to try. I realized that as a new owner of a kayak, I really wanted a bait-drifting outfit. So, all of that week was used for researching new gear. 

It just so happened that Turners was having a special on the Daiwa Sealine X reels! They're selling for $74.98, originally priced at $124.99 (sale goes until the 8th, I believe). I've heard nothing but good things about this reel, and it seems most kayakers use this reel as an entry level reel. Its rugged, gets the job done, and is fairly cheap in that if you take a dunk and lose it, it doesn't hurt your wallet (as much). Sold it for me! I actually bought 2 of the Sealines. X-20 SHA and the X-40 HA, geared 6.1:1 and 4.9:1 respectively. That 40's gonna be used in the future, for the bigger fellas! I also picked up a Sabre Classic 7' rated 12-30lbs, which was mis-priced at Big 5, so I got it for less than $40! Sweet!  Spooled my X-20 with 50lb spectra backing and 20lb Big Game mono, I set out to try my new outfit.

I hit SD Bay early morning Saturday, launching out of Tidelands. I had picked up some smelt to use for live bait the night before at the Korean market, and rigged it up on a reverse dropper loop. I knew where I could potentially pick off on bass, but my thoughts were on bigger fish. So, I drifted around the bridge pilings closer to the deep channels, while casting out a grunion big hammer. 

A look at my new outfit in action!

I'm immediately into some action. With the clicker on, "zzZZZzzzZ", I'm getting hits on my new rig! Too bad they were all bass, and not that big either. With that new rig, it felt like pulling in nothing! Too funny.  Had my steady pickings for a bit, and had some bigger strikes that didn't stay connected. Ended the day around lunch time with about 15 spotties, 2 mackerel (looking for live bait on my sabiki), and a lizard. Not bad, but not overly great.
Your usual bass out in SD Bay.

Couldn't sleep that night, so it was another early morning start. But this time decided to hit Mission Bay. Was out on the water by 6:00 AM and headed out to the bait barge for some live bait. Saw some top water action so threw the big hammer (grunion) to see what was chasing. Got smashed early on, and what do you know, a new species for me! Juvenile White Sea Bass! Sweet. I let her go, in hopes of it growing up one day, so that I may pull in a big one from my kayak!

Nice colors!

Made my way to the bait barge and picked up a kayak scoop. That early in the morning, all they had were LARGE baits. I mean, 8-inch-plus. I knew I wasn't going to get anything with these baits in the bay, but what the hell. Used up all my smelt the day before, and wanted to use my drift rig again. Shelled out the $10 for a kayak scoop and I was on my way.

Made a few stops here and there, and my clicker kept going off. Not in a good way though, damn these weeds in MBay!! Made bottom drifting extremely hard that day, as it would catch on the lead almost every time. Oh well, lesson learned, might try a new type of bottom rig in MBay. Caught most of my fish on the big hammer again. The average Spottie's were about 1.5 lbs, and a small calico in the mix. Ended the day with about 10 spotties, 1 calico, and 1 halibut. Caught that halibut on the big hammer as well. Well, hopefully next time I can put my new outfit to the test on some bigger fish!

Until next time, we'll just have to wait. Looks like the weather is cooling down into the weekend. Might be taking another break, hopefully I won't be needing any more gear....

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