3/13-14 Mission bay - foggy foggy bass

5:30-8PM incoming low to high tide.

with all this warm weather, decided to wet a line. upon arrival to my first spot, weather seemed nice, but i could see the marine layer slowing creeping in. tossed out my swimmy for some takers before getting sawed off, twice. damn cudas.

off to spot #2. by this time, the fog had fully rolled in. it was very eery. yet, it was still kinda light outside. started tossing out another swimmy (brown grunion) for a steady pick of sbb.

first of the day

saw a bunch of these fellas everywhere

pickings were steady throughout, maybe 1 every 3 casts. then as the sun set, i switched over to the black widow bh. the bite was almost every cast!

chunky fella right here

greedy guy!

1 sandbass for the sesh

ended that nights sesh with a whoopping 22 sbb! they were hugging the shoreline real tight. and they were hungry! it was literally, back to back to back fish.  awesome. night.

foggy conditions

decided to hit my first spot again to get into some cudas. upon arrival, water was flat, no life. tossed out a brown grunion swimbait for nada. after about an 1hr of casting practice, an explosion of baitfish just erupted around me! fat cudas were jumping, trashing, and chasing the baitfish. and the schools of baitfish were everywhere! literal explosions of them.

some baitfish

i tossed everythign at them. swimbait, hardbait, poppers all for nada. some taps here and there, but it looked like too much real bait to go for the lures.

all in all, pretty good 2 days. i had some questions for you guys as well. i have a baitcaster set up, usually with 1 brake on and whatnot. my distance however seems to decrease over the course of my sometimes 4 hour sessions, wherein i just turn off all my brakes and then im fine until it starts to decrease again. does this happen to anyone else? if i start with all brakes off, i bird nest liek crazy. doesn't sound gritty or anything, my spool just seems to spin slower after fishign for a while.