PB Hali!!!

haven't gone fishing since spring, as I don't usually enjoy fishing when the crowds are out during summer.  now that its winter, less crowds, and the hot sbb bite returns!

decided to hit the minus tide (-1.6ft) yesterday in the jungle at mission bay with a friend of mine. drizzling on and off, wind was sporadic, and just downright cold. but, we already made the trek out, so decided to still give it a go.

armed with my clarus/symetre 2500/15lb braid setup and t-rigged razor clam t&c lure, we went on the hunt. tide was still going down when we arrived, and took quite a while to get any action. i got struck first with a pretty nice lunker! man i've missed fishing!

then, nothing, for quite some time. no bites, nothing. just windy, wet, and cold. we contemplated packing it in early, but we saw something that i've never thought i'd witness...a hali jumping out of the water! luckily my friend also saw the same thing, and we both were energized to continue fishing.

we continued fishing into the low tide and had only caught 1 other sbb. so much for the negative tides in this weather. headed back to the truck and kept tossing the swimbait. then...BAM!! hooked up to another fish. i wasnt quite sure what it was in the beginning as it made some headshakes like an sbb, yet it felt heavy like it was caught on some grass, or maybe even the flat kind. dare i say it was what i was hoping, but pushed that out of my mind for fear of bad luck. it took some time to reel it closer to shore, and we still couldn't make out what it was. we saw a flash of white, and my friend goes "ray, no wait, shovelnose!". then he goes, "holy sh*t! its a huge halibut!!!"

right then and there, it takes off on some long runs. im fighting this fish, hoping that all my knots are tied properly, and the hook will stay in and not break. just praying that i get to see it beached! after a good 4 attempts at landing this fish, my friend finally was able to tail grab it and throw it to shore. this was my first beast...some pics for proof.

measured out to 33", besting my pb of 22" by almost a foot! it was heavy too! so pumped, and glad i stuck it out during that wet/cold weather. happy to be back fishing!!!


mb 4/19-20 FINALLY!!!

i've gone out everyday since sunday. usually right after work. if you've seen my earlier posts, i've been catching mostly sbb's, with a few hali's in between. the weather's been on a warming trend, and i knew more hali's would be cruising into the bay.

always strapped with my 7'6" MF clarus 15lb pp slick 8, and 7'6" ML compre 8lb pline mono both on symetre 2500s, i got to work again yeserday.

went to an old place where its always looked fishy, but i haven't pulled out more than 2 sbb. worked the shoreline with my new sasuke 75 shad, casting into boils looking for the silver kind. instead was rewarded with a few halis. 6 to be exact.

first of the day.

another one bites the sasuke.

ended the day with just my 6 halis, all under or about 12". not bad, considering i've never caught that much hali's in one outing.

i was hoping yesterdays 'catching' were good signs that more hali's were gonna be cruising by. so, decided to try again at the same spot. casted out the sasuke once again, but only managed to pull out 1 sbb. things weren't lookin good, and the sun was already setting. moved to 2 other spots for nada. then hit up 1 more spot before runnin home. man, good thing i did.

got to my 3rd spot, saw some small signs of life so decided to try much luck once again with my trusty sasuke. ive read around before what it feel like when a hali bites and how it fights. its like youve snagged some kelp, and its just like pulling in some salad. but once it see's shore, it'll take off back into the open. well, this time was no different.



another look at her.

yes! finally, my 1st legal hali! she fought like a champ, making a few runs before i coaxed her onto the bank. took a few quick snaps, then revived her and sent her back on her way. what an awesome night of fishing! looks like tomorrows gonna be a nice day as well, and i'll be back on the prowl!


sd bay nite bite

went out this weekend to try out a new lure. hit up the bay for some night time fun, armed with my new lcfm 95mr Tennessee shad. tossed out a few casts while sitting on some rocks for some good lookin fellas!

first cuda for me! loosened my drag to avoid shake offs.

next couple casts yielded me what has eluded me for quite some time.

biggest one of the night. ~15"

had a fun time with 2 new species. all caught on the lcfm.

tally of the night:
1 cuda
3 vina's


Switchblade (aka warblade)

well, since i have so much time on my hands now (surgery, no weight on my feet) i've took to other things to keep me busy. 

*this picture is not of mine, but of the warblade*

i've been really interested in this type of lure since i first saw it. its called the switchblade , or aka  warblade.

below is a link on how to make them. its actually quite simple.

whats needed
swimjig head (i used warbait 3/4oz leadhead)
willow leaf blade (size 4)
barrel swivel
split ring
plastic tubing (i used aquarium tubing)

i made one myself and tested it out last night. at first, i was fishing the t-rigged t&c black widow, to no avail. then decided to try out the switchblade. first cast, BAM, fish on! nice chunky grump. so if you're ever bored, or wanna try something new, give the switchblade a look! it might be your next favorite lure.

They bite at night! - Mission Bay 2/22/2012

i haven't posted any reports lately, mainly because someone gave away my go to spots and now fishing
at night is crowded......anyways, my gf's been bugging me to pick up something that floats that'll fit the
both of us, so we can go fishing on the water instead of the shore. decided on a Seahawk 2 (kinda small
for 2 ppl). took her out on some earlier fun adventures this past week, but not anything like last night!

went to an old spot around 6:30 pm, armed with my 7'6" MF Clarus, symetre 15lb pp t-rigged t&c  black
widow, and 7'6" ML Compre, symetre 8lb pline drop shot fluke jr arkansas shad (that was a mouthful), i had
steady pickings of sbb throughout the night.

you're usual grump.

if you've ever caught a sbb in mb, you know the fight they put up. last night was a bit different for some of
them. theyd fight for a bit, then just give up, felt like pulling up dead weight a lot of times. imagine my
surprise when i hooked something a bit different!

i was casting near some boats and had already picked up 3 sbb in this spot on the dropshot. this time when
it bit, felt like i said earlier, dead weight. right when i brought it to the surface it took a dive for deeper water!
man, good thing i had just respooled with 8lb test (coming from 6 lb) and my drag was on the lighter side, or this thing woulda broke me off. he made some good runs, and i finally landed him! had to tire him out and tail grab him since i didn't have a net with me.

they bite at night!

so pumped! all fish safely c&r'd. ended the night at 11 pm with 16 spotties, 2 sandies, 1 hali!!


i never tire of these...

im puttting in my time before my 4th knee surgery and will be out of commission for month or so, so hit up mb again. i never tire fishing for SBB. pound for pound, they put up a mean fight. been fishing right at sunset into the night and have been picking up a steady count. 4 on the dropshot fluke, 3 on the t&c black widow. most came nearer to and after sunset. there still out there, go get um!

MB Night Bassin 1/24/2012 - 2 PB!

the stars looked aligned for another great night bassin' session, so decided to hit up MB. night was a little cloudy, a little windy, but not too cold. hit up a few new spots for nada, so decided to hit up my go to spot. lots of boils and baitfish swimming around, but was able to only pick up 1. decided to move around. good idea as around 8 pm, the wind died down, and the bite took off.

picked up my pb SBB! a little over 17".

another look at him.

back to back fish on multiple casts, brought an exciting night for me. ended the night at 10:30 pm (gf was calling), and they were still biting. left with 15 sbb, another new best for me!

equipment of choice: shimano clarus, symetre spooled with 15lb pp, t-rigged T&C Black widow (thanks kevin, may need more)- 1/0 EWG, 3/8 weight. had to bump up my weight as all the fish were in deeper water.


MB Night Bassin 1/2/2012

did not finish 2011 with a big bang (skunk and dinks @ the surf), so decided to try something a lil different. been seeing all these night bassin posts, so said, why the heck not?

hit up MB at around 6:30pm, to nice flat conditions. hit up my 1st spot of the night for nada. drove around to a 2nd spot and picked up 2 spotties! sweet! i'm liking night bassin'.

first catch of the night. ~12"

decided to move once the wind picked up and the fog rolled in. found another spot and the wind calmed down, but the fog was thick. saw a bunch of movement in the water and knew i'd get into some.

size 11 for reference.

bass thumb. sweet.

ended my sesh at around 9:30pm, biggest was about 16", the rest being 12-14. total tally - 10 spotties! had an extremely fun time, will definitely be back for some more night bassin. set up was 7'6" clarus, symetre 2500 spooled with 15lb braid pp. all on 3" bh black widow slathered in unibutter.