PB Hali!!!

haven't gone fishing since spring, as I don't usually enjoy fishing when the crowds are out during summer.  now that its winter, less crowds, and the hot sbb bite returns!

decided to hit the minus tide (-1.6ft) yesterday in the jungle at mission bay with a friend of mine. drizzling on and off, wind was sporadic, and just downright cold. but, we already made the trek out, so decided to still give it a go.

armed with my clarus/symetre 2500/15lb braid setup and t-rigged razor clam t&c lure, we went on the hunt. tide was still going down when we arrived, and took quite a while to get any action. i got struck first with a pretty nice lunker! man i've missed fishing!

then, nothing, for quite some time. no bites, nothing. just windy, wet, and cold. we contemplated packing it in early, but we saw something that i've never thought i'd witness...a hali jumping out of the water! luckily my friend also saw the same thing, and we both were energized to continue fishing.

we continued fishing into the low tide and had only caught 1 other sbb. so much for the negative tides in this weather. headed back to the truck and kept tossing the swimbait. then...BAM!! hooked up to another fish. i wasnt quite sure what it was in the beginning as it made some headshakes like an sbb, yet it felt heavy like it was caught on some grass, or maybe even the flat kind. dare i say it was what i was hoping, but pushed that out of my mind for fear of bad luck. it took some time to reel it closer to shore, and we still couldn't make out what it was. we saw a flash of white, and my friend goes "ray, no wait, shovelnose!". then he goes, "holy sh*t! its a huge halibut!!!"

right then and there, it takes off on some long runs. im fighting this fish, hoping that all my knots are tied properly, and the hook will stay in and not break. just praying that i get to see it beached! after a good 4 attempts at landing this fish, my friend finally was able to tail grab it and throw it to shore. this was my first beast...some pics for proof.

measured out to 33", besting my pb of 22" by almost a foot! it was heavy too! so pumped, and glad i stuck it out during that wet/cold weather. happy to be back fishing!!!


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