La Jolla First Time - Rockfish!

Well, seems like I haven't posted since September. I haven't really had much time to fish, studying for the PE exam and all. But I have gotten out a couple times in between now, and September. Nothing really to brag about. Until earlier this week.

Weather's been really cooperative lately, and just needed to take advantage of the nice Fall weather. Decided it was time to take the yak out to La Jolla. I've read up so much on launching and landing from the surf. I've studied any any all material I could get my hands on for fishing the ocean, away from the safety of the bay. In preparation, I got myself some waders, PFD, and a VHF radio. Safety first, kids. The day before going out, I picked up some new tackle for the big blue. Our plan was to do a little rockfish fishing, and possibly dropping down some live fin bait for the bigger creatures. Also decided to purchase some irons for a little yo-yo action. Called up a friend and convinced him to accompany myself on my first ocean expedition. This was, in fact, also his first time out.

Morning of, we arrived at La Jolla shores around 6:15 a.m. to ideal first time conditions. Swell was less than 2 ft, with little to no wind. We loaded up everything, with some of the more expensive setups in my kayak hatch, and hit the launch. Launching was cake that day, my friend got some splash over, but everything went relatively smooth. We didn't have much direction, but I had an idea of where to go. Look for lobster traps, and send down the rigs!

About a 15 minute paddle, brought us out of the reserve, and near the canyon edge with lobster traps in sight. Probably in about 100'-150' of water. The night before I bought some squid, so we tied on some double dropper loops, and sent down some squid strips. First drop down, and what do you know, first rockfish for me!

We picked our way through some of the smaller guys, and kept the nicer models. Dropping down that far was definitely a pain using my bass gear, and especially harder for my friend, as he had a 2500 size spinner. Though, we made it work.

Here's a bendo shot of him!

I metered some good spots here and there, and we had pretty much constant action with the squid. I also bought some shrimp, and some larger grubs as well. Grubs definitely gave up bigger models of rockfish, and the shrimp helped us hook up to some nice sheephead! We filled up my one and only game clip with limits of rockfish with 5 nice sized sheephead, and called it a day.

Back at the launch, surf wasn't all too crazy, but has always made me weary reading about it and whatnot. My friend went first and almost tipped over, but was helped by another yakker. Myself, I waited it out until the sets were slower in between. Hauled ass to shore, and almost nearly pearled. But, made it in safely. Successful launching, fishing, and landing! 

Our haul!

For our first time out, with no experience whatsoever, I think we did pretty good! Went back to my buddies place and cleaned up the fish and cooked some up. Delicious! Can't wait to get out there again!