12/14 - big bay, winter hali

go figure, i catch my first legal hali from the yak in winter.

i've been pounding away since i first started yak fishing (july 2013). new baits, new techniques, and new locations. i've had my fair share of epic bass days, but my 1st legal halibut never came during those hot months. i've been broken off more times than i care to count, and had my bait raked even more. i've caught many (and i mean MANY) a shorts, but, they were not all in vain. from each outing, i learned, and learned some more. i've found many productive spots, and know exactly what i'd be catching there too.

well, almost to the day, one year later (from my PB hali), i catch my first legal hali from the yak! 25"!

well short of my PB, but nonetheless, i'm stoked! these three all caught on a dropshotted super fluke.