L J Hot Bite, Late May

Work has been keeping me quite busy for April and May, but I was able to get out after things settled down. With word from a friend that the bite out in La Jolla was turning on, fellow Jackson Kayak team member Jarrod McGehee and couple of our friends headed out.

With some swells, and some wind, we made it out through the surf without a hitch. My Jackson Kayak Kraken handled easily through the surf, and we paddled out a couple miles to make some bait. After loading up my KKrate with some Pacific Greenback and Spanish Mackerel, we dropped in our lines in search of some pelagics.

Didn't take all too long as the yellowtail were stacked! I was able to hook into 9 that day, but lost 6 of those to a seal, some bad knots, and line breaks.

Went out another day with the crowds and hooked up a couple times, pulling in a BSB and a shark! Lost some others to bad knots and breaks...always learning! All in all, a very good weekend, but definitely a learning experience. Always check your lines and knots, and if you must, retie after hooking up!