MB Night Bassin 1/24/2012 - 2 PB!

the stars looked aligned for another great night bassin' session, so decided to hit up MB. night was a little cloudy, a little windy, but not too cold. hit up a few new spots for nada, so decided to hit up my go to spot. lots of boils and baitfish swimming around, but was able to only pick up 1. decided to move around. good idea as around 8 pm, the wind died down, and the bite took off.

picked up my pb SBB! a little over 17".

another look at him.

back to back fish on multiple casts, brought an exciting night for me. ended the night at 10:30 pm (gf was calling), and they were still biting. left with 15 sbb, another new best for me!

equipment of choice: shimano clarus, symetre spooled with 15lb pp, t-rigged T&C Black widow (thanks kevin, may need more)- 1/0 EWG, 3/8 weight. had to bump up my weight as all the fish were in deeper water.


MB Night Bassin 1/2/2012

did not finish 2011 with a big bang (skunk and dinks @ the surf), so decided to try something a lil different. been seeing all these night bassin posts, so said, why the heck not?

hit up MB at around 6:30pm, to nice flat conditions. hit up my 1st spot of the night for nada. drove around to a 2nd spot and picked up 2 spotties! sweet! i'm liking night bassin'.

first catch of the night. ~12"

decided to move once the wind picked up and the fog rolled in. found another spot and the wind calmed down, but the fog was thick. saw a bunch of movement in the water and knew i'd get into some.

size 11 for reference.

bass thumb. sweet.

ended my sesh at around 9:30pm, biggest was about 16", the rest being 12-14. total tally - 10 spotties! had an extremely fun time, will definitely be back for some more night bassin. set up was 7'6" clarus, symetre 2500 spooled with 15lb braid pp. all on 3" bh black widow slathered in unibutter.