mb 4/19-20 FINALLY!!!

i've gone out everyday since sunday. usually right after work. if you've seen my earlier posts, i've been catching mostly sbb's, with a few hali's in between. the weather's been on a warming trend, and i knew more hali's would be cruising into the bay.

always strapped with my 7'6" MF clarus 15lb pp slick 8, and 7'6" ML compre 8lb pline mono both on symetre 2500s, i got to work again yeserday.

went to an old place where its always looked fishy, but i haven't pulled out more than 2 sbb. worked the shoreline with my new sasuke 75 shad, casting into boils looking for the silver kind. instead was rewarded with a few halis. 6 to be exact.

first of the day.

another one bites the sasuke.

ended the day with just my 6 halis, all under or about 12". not bad, considering i've never caught that much hali's in one outing.

i was hoping yesterdays 'catching' were good signs that more hali's were gonna be cruising by. so, decided to try again at the same spot. casted out the sasuke once again, but only managed to pull out 1 sbb. things weren't lookin good, and the sun was already setting. moved to 2 other spots for nada. then hit up 1 more spot before runnin home. man, good thing i did.

got to my 3rd spot, saw some small signs of life so decided to try much luck once again with my trusty sasuke. ive read around before what it feel like when a hali bites and how it fights. its like youve snagged some kelp, and its just like pulling in some salad. but once it see's shore, it'll take off back into the open. well, this time was no different.



another look at her.

yes! finally, my 1st legal hali! she fought like a champ, making a few runs before i coaxed her onto the bank. took a few quick snaps, then revived her and sent her back on her way. what an awesome night of fishing! looks like tomorrows gonna be a nice day as well, and i'll be back on the prowl!