SD Bay - 8/11 - Interesting Catch(es)!

Been doing some kayak fishing in SD Bay over the weekend. Saturday wasn't too bad, but today I had a very interesting catch!

Launched out of SI around 6:30 AM, incoming tide, little to no wind at first,  Temp was about mid 60s. Right off the bat, stuck a nice sandie long lining a 3" BH 1/2oz leadhead. To note, while fishing 30'-50' water, I noticed long lining the plastics or drifting with it catches more fish.

Pulled out my sabiki rig to make some bait. Got a nice lizard fish and pinned him on, and let him drift on my big pole while i threw the bh. About 15 minutes into my drift, the lizard gets slammed! Quickly reeled in my other line and started fighting the other fish. This thing was pulling hard on my sealine 20, spooled with 20lb mono, and my pole was full bendo! Next thing I know, *POP*. Gaahhh...Reeled in and found no hooks at the other end. Bad knot? Sawed through? Whatever it was, I was heartbroken.

Caught more lizards to drift while I picked away at the spotties.

Was using white or chartreuse colored swimbaits in the deeper areas, and those seemed to work really well. Then my big pole screams again! But then stops. Reeled in my line only to find a half eaten lizard fish. Blast...

Paddled to my bait spot and dropped in my sabiki. Let that drift as I picked away again at the spotties. Then my sabiki rig doubles over! The heck? Started reeling it in and found quite the resistance. Once I brought it to color, I saw an interesting sight!

Haha, couple bass on the same rig? Pulled it all the way up and found actually 5 bass!

What an crazy catch! Also to note, I caught quite a few bass on the sabiki as well before this. But 5? Too funny.

Ended the day around 12:30 PM with 20+ bass (stopped counting as that wasn't my primary target), more than I could count lizard fish, and 2 missed strikes. I'll get 'em next time!


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