sd bay - 8/18 Sabiki Surprise!

on the hunt again for my elusive legal on the yak. started a little later than i wanted too and otw by 7.

outgoing tide, minimal wind at first. caught my usual bait (lizard fish) on the sabiki and drifted with a sliding egg sinker rig.

hooked up on a sculpin first drop, and resent my sabiki down for more bait. sabiki rod was bending as i was playing with my swimbait rod and reeled in a hali!

sabiki does it again! (previously, caught 5 bass at once)

closer inspection showed he ate a lizard that was hooked on the sabiki!

drifted around for a couple bass, and another halibut. then my drift rod gets slammed! thinking this is it, finally my legal hali, i prepare myself. he's making some nice runs and then comes to color.

big angel shark!

fun fight, but not my target. sent her back on her way after having to untangle the mess. retied and sent some more lizzies on the drift. caught a couple more bass, AND bigger lizards all on smaller live lizards. got slammed one more time, but popped off. looks like a bad knot on my part...

ended the day with 2 shorts, a bunch of bass, and an angel shark. all caught on live/dead lizard fish!

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