Mission Bay - 7/24 Afternoon

Boy, haven't really had the time to fish in quite some time so decided to hit up my favorite go-to spot in Mission Bay:  East of Ingraham St. Bridge. It's a well known spot to many, but often times most people are unsure as to where to go and head. My from experience, which is very little, I've found that there are some lanes you'll want to drift, starting from the bridge, and then towards fiesta island. In these lanes, you'll catch your fish. Depending on the day and tides, this has given me some successful results. Not to say that there are times where they're hard to find, but when you do, you'll get into a steady bite.

Yesterday, was almost like that. I found my lane and picked off 2 back to back. Then another here and there. But it was hard going. The wind was up, and it was quite choppy, making it hard to really stay in the right lanes the whole drift down. Ended my first sesh back with 5 spotties and a couple more missed hits. But can't complain. Nice to be back on the water...

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