2013 in Review...

2013 has been quite a year for me. I've fished all my life from shore, and have always wanted to venture out into the vast ocean. Owning a boat was always too expensive of an option, and so I got my first kayak, Pelican Castaway 116. From there I learned a lot about kayak fishing. Different rigs, different positions, different tactics and techniques for fishing. But how exciting it was to try different places!

As I grew from my learning, I knew I had to upgrade to a better yak. The Ocean Kayak Trident 15 was the answer! Now, I've only been kayak fishing for much less than a year, but, I've been fortunate enough to be able to go out on my yak fairly often. Almost every weekend since May. I've learned much more about kayaks, and the way each one handles conditions differently. Paddling vs. peddling, longer vs. stouter, flat bottoms vs. v-hulls. It's been an interesting journey along the way, and I'm quite happy that I dove head first into the world of kayak fishing!

I"ve been able to hit the famous La Jolla fisheries, explore new parts of San Diego's bays, and couldn't be happier with this newfound sport/hobby! As I look back to 2013 in review, I'm glad I could share my experience with others. I've been able to bring out some other friends with me (as I currently still have my other yak), and now he's looking into getting a kayak! So, for everyone else who's tight on budgets and can't afford a boat, look to a kayak. The ever increasing opportunities that it has granted me for my love of fishing has never been greater.

As I now look towards a new year, its exciting just to think about. Winter's here, but spring's coming up, and soon enough it'll be summer. I fish for the love of solitude, to be out in nature away from all that is 'busy' life, and for those adrenaline rushes of a tug on your line. Whatever you're reasons for fishing, get out and wet a line! Here's to 2013, the beginning of my journey into kayak fishing, and to 2014, the future of evermore adventures!

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