Stormy Weather Diversions

Rockfish season opener for the Southern California region starts March 1st, but with stormy weather being forecast over the weekend (8-12ft swells and 40MPH gusts), I've decided to do some much needed prep work on my new Jackson Kayak Cuda 14.

I was able to take out my new boat, with just the OEM parts a few times. Stock parts include 2 Ram Tough Tubes with Combination Bulkhead/Flat Surface Base and Plunger, right behind and to the side of the seat. This mounting base features a locking mechanism that also has a release plunger to move freely and/or remove the rod holder. Much more robust than the older Ram Ball Mounting system.

The center hatch cover features 2 gear tracks for mounting any Ram or Scotty accessory, as well as some compartment space for smaller items like my lures and weights. I, however, noticed there was a lot of flex in the hatch when placing heavier gear in the pole holder on the gear track. It isn't a problem with lighter gear, but since I drift fish with weight anywhere from 2-32oz., I needed a sturdier system for my style of fishing. Enter YakAttack's GearTrac system.

After researching a bit online, I stumbled on Matt Trucks posting of his installation of the GT90 track mounting system. I wanted to ensure a sturdy mount, so I also went ahead with using the Full Back plating, instead of the included nuts and bolts. I'd be lying if I said installation was a breeze, as ensuring everything lines up in that tight space, provided some difficulties. But, the end results are well worth the planning and effort. I also installed YakAttack's Mighty Mount system, to provide that additional mounting strength. I'd previously found that the Tough Ram Ball mount and Ram Rod holder would loosen, even after I tightened it down.

Next order of business was the installation of my fish finder. I like the transducer to be actually in the water (I've done both through hull and scupper mounted on my other kayak), so I fabricated a bracket mount to go through the scupper. Easy enough with another of Matt's helpful posting, and I was done in less than 30 minutes.

Here's how it looks with everything installed, and ready to go. Can't wait to give it a go with the new upgrades!


  1. I'd still be wary of big gear in those RAM tubes. When I pulled mine off to replace with flush mounts, I found that the deck near the mounting bolts was cracked on both sides. The new RAM tubes will alleviate the slipping problem of the old ball mount style, but unless you tether the holders, heavy trolling or drift pressure or big strikes may still crack the deck plastic.

    What are you using for scupper plugs? Pingpong balls?

    1. thanks for the reply! i'll definitely keep those tips in mind. and yes, those are my scupper plugs. practice foam golf balls! had some laying around, so decided to use that.