SLO Roadtrip 10/28-10/30

knee surgery and rehab has kept me out from fishing for quite some time, but knee's been feeling better so i decided to take a roadtrip back to my college town of SLO for some hog fishin' after reading DeanFu's posts!

took the taco out for a spin on the sand at the dunes, and to fish right from the beach. i must say, a must do to all who visit SLO county! let my gf drive around as well on the sand. got skunked, probably because we went too late/early (noon) but fun nonetheless.

truck on the beach ready to fish with the gf in tow. yes, my gf loves to fish too!

just missed DeanFu's pm about area intel, but apparently saw him out at MDO in the morning. swell was up and conditions were quite rough for some time. had to really work for our fish, but man did it pay off!

pulled in about 10+ perch, ranging from 5" to a whopping 13+"! pics below.

later in the day, went to check out Avila beach. fished for a bit, and got hit real hard on GCSW just outside the breaks. pulled a lot of drag, and fought for about a good 5 mins. thought it was a hali, but pulled in a nice 19" jack smelt! these guys are extremely fun to fight on 6# test! found the school of smelt ranging from 15" to 19". sorry no pics of the smelt, didn't have my phone on me.

couple casts in, caught this bugger. redtail perch?

perchin with my 7'6" clarus shimano symetre 2500.

more perch, with the gf in the background.

then i get hammered by something bigger! very fun fight indeed...

taped out at about 13.5". a new pb for me! made my trip out to SLO worth while.

another 10" taped out.

decided to hit the morning bite out at Morro and Cayucos. got skunked, but had some fun. extremely hard fishing with the breaks really far outside.

pic of cayucos beach, and morro rock in the background.

all in all, i'd say i very nice roadtrip back to my old college stomping grounds. really had to work for those fish but it was fun! one thing to note, there were sandcrabs EVERYWHERE. big and small, literaly, everywhere you went, they were there. also, not much surf fisherman, so literally had the beach all to ourselves everyday. woulda took more pics, but was havin too much fun with the gf! lookin forward to my next SLO trip in the spring/summer!

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